Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Reciprocal Insurance Exchange?

Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges, sometimes simply referred to as "reciprocals", can be described as the unincorporated version of a mutual insurance company. They are similar to mutual companies in that the policyholders are the owners. Typically, reciprocals are formed by business groups to provide cost-effective liability insurance.

How does a reciprocal differ from a traditional insurance company?

Reciprocals are not-for-profit organizations. The premiums charged to members are based on what the projected costs will be for claims and operations for that particular policy period. From the Insured’s point of view, very little differs in the administration of an insurance policy. When an individual, partnership, or corporation becomes a member (or "subscriber") of a reciprocal, a Subscriber’s Agreement is entered into. This is, in effect, like signing a policy with a for-profit insurance company.

How can my publication become a member?

To become a member of CNRIE, each publication must go through an application process. A form must be completed and sent to our office with several copies of your publication. Two members of CNRIE’s Advisory Board must approve the application for insurance worthiness. Upon approval, the prospective member is contacted and an effective date of coverage is determined. A Subscriber’s Agreement and policy will be sent out by mail, and must be signed and returned with payment. Once the application is received in our office, the turnaround time is approximately one week. If you have already received a quote and would like to proceed with an application please call our office at 416-923-7724 ext. 4423 or email us at

What are my obligations as a member of CNRIE?

As a member, you are responsible for paying your annual premiums, for which you are billed in December each year for the following year. You are also responsible for notifying our office as soon as you become aware of a claim, or potential claim, against your publication. In addition to the responsibilities mentioned, members will also be responsible for paying the first costs of a claim, up to the amount of your deductible. As a member, you are able to participate in the annual general meeting of CNRIE, held each spring. You may also nominate and vote on members of the Advisory Board.